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Dr. Joanna Bronfman

Dr. Joanna Bronfman is a thought leader in the field of eating disorder treatment. She holds a doctoral degree in psychology (Psy.D), a master’s degree in social work (MSW) and a master’s degree in education (MS). As a pioneer in the field of eating disorders, Dr. Bronfman lectures at major academic institutions such as Yale University and the University of Connecticut. She’s also a sought-after guest speaker, having accepted invitations to share her knowledge at The Nantucket Project and school districts nationally.

Exemplary Leadership

Under Dr. Bronfman’s leadership (“Dr. B”), Backcountry Wellness offers the premier eating disorder treatment program in New England. She upholds an environment filled with acceptance and compassion, rather than stigma and judgment. Dr. B understands the distress children, adolescents, and adults go through when they struggle with an eating disorder.

A Better Model of Care

The Greenwich community trusts Dr. B to provide treatment that’s set apart from the antiseptic, boilerplate model. She empowers patients to recognize the support they need and adapt to their own unique set of circumstances. Our program is built around the fundamental principles of acceptance, compassion, and empowerment – and it shows.

Bridging Treatment with Real Life – The Right Way

Dr. B is committed to changing the paradigm in eating disorder treatment. Her life’s work – and her passion – is to create an open, inclusive, and inviting environment where everyone who needs help will seek help, and where everyone who seeks help will learn to heal themselves in the way that works best for them. The right way.

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