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Treatment from the Comfort of Home

Backcountry Wellness offers an array of virtual programs so you can receive the individualized care you need, even from afar.

All of our virtual programs provide patients with the flexibility they need to balance their treatment with the demands of real life.

Virtual Care, the Backcountry Way

Virtual programming includes a range of flexible treatment options led by our expert clinicians, meal coaches and specialists:

  • Meal Support provides expert meal coaching and evidence-based coping skills within a supportive individualized or group setting.
  • Outpatient Services provides support on an as-needed basis: new patients, alumni continuing treatment, and those seeking intermittent support.

Integrating Recovery Into Your Life

Our virtual programs are engaging and immersive, providing accessible, high-quality support you can count on.

At Backcountry, we’ll always meet you where you’re at.

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