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Dr. Joanna Bronfman, MS, LCSW, Psy.D

Founder & Executive Director of Backcountry Wellness, LLC

Dr. Joanna Bronfman, is an expert thought-leader in the field of eating disorders who has spent years designing a supportive program that supports emotional, behavioral, nutritional, and spiritual growth. Under Dr. Bronfmans leadership, Backcountry Wellness has become a premier treatment program in Fairfield County.

As a Psychologist, Clinical Social Worker, and Educator, Dr. Bronfman is uniquely qualified to understand the struggles adolescents and adults go through when facing an Eating Disorder. Her work has focused on private clinical practice in conjunction with New York Presbyterian Hospital / Cornell Medical Center and the Pleasantville Public School District. Dr. Bronfman was formerly the Clinical Supervisor at the Renfrew Center For Eating Disorders of Old Greenwich, Connecticut.

As a leader in the field of Eating Disorders, Dr. Bronfman has been a guest speaker at major academic institutions, including Yale University and the University of Connecticut. In addition, she has lectured at numerous school districts, nationally.

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