7 Ways To Help Your Child Have a Healthy Relationship With Food

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A Common Question We Get Asked at Backcountry Is: “How Can I Help My Child Have a Healthy Relationship With Food?”

Many parents struggle with knowing the right steps to take, so to help get you started, we’ve identified the top 7 ways you can engage with your child in a healthy way surrounding food.

  1. Make mealtimes fun and enjoyable: Try to eat together as a family as often as possible. Encourage your child to join you at the table. Use this time together to enjoy each other’s company.
  2. Avoid power struggles over food: Forcing your child to eat certain foods will only cause conflict. Don’t be the food police, trying to constantly monitor your child’s behavior
  3. Do what you can to promote self-esteem. Give each child the same encouragement and support.
  4. Set a positive example: Be mindful of how you talk about your body and your eating. Avoid self-critical remarks or negative comments about yourself or others appearances.
  5. Look for recipes that your child can help you with. Allow them to take an active part in meal preparation.
  6. Plant a family garden together. Learn where foods come from and how to take them from the garden to the kitchen.
  7. Try new Foods. Introduce a new food each week, this is a great way to create awareness and eliminate eating the same foods day after day.